"Like many others in the rising generation of immigrant families, we Stuyvesant Honors graduates were admitted to CCNY as fully matriculated students for a tuition-free college education. 'I don't want life to be as hard for you as it was for me,' my father would say, in his native Russian. 'But for that to happen, you must have an education.'

And so it came to be that the Great Hall of City College held the same symbolic significance for me as the Great Hall of Ellis Island must have for my father. It is this rich cultural heritage that City College continues to offer to financially disadvantaged bright young minds.

My father died before the completion of my studies, interrupted by military service. He never saw the City College campus that would have so impressed him. It is my desire to have my donations toward the Stuyvesant-CCNY Project be in honor of my father, Abraham."

-Harry Shabanowitz, Ph.D., Class of 1949