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"Both my late husband, Dr. Louis Levine, and I were graduates of the College and had long careers here as faculty members. For us, as children of immigrants, City College was the only choice and one we never regretted. The student body then and when we taught here was, as now, diverse, eager to learn, and grateful for the opportunity to be at an institution with a worldclass faculty.

The Louis Levine-Gabriella de Beer Lecture in Genetics was established by me as a way to memorialize my late husband, Dr. Louis Levine, and keep alive his lifelong devotion to the ever-changing field of genetics. Since its inception, it has attracted a heterogeneous group of students, faculty, alumni and interested people from all over the metropolitan area to listen to a lecture by an outstanding geneticist on a topic of exciting current
research in the field."

-Gabriella de Beer, Class of 1956

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