The President's Fund for Excellence:

Because assuring that students can enroll and graduate is just part of City's mission, The President's Fund for Excellence has been created to help insure that the College can continue to offer an outstanding educational experience in the face of dwindling government support.

In recent years, the President's Fund for Excellence has provided faculty and students the resources they require for research, supported the College's award-winning Model U.N. team, sent a Rhodes Scholarship candidate to Oxford for a summer program, and helped the Jewish Studies Department take its best students to Poland and Israel.

Through the generosity of alumni, the President's Fund for Excellence also

• brought us 1986 Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, who packed the Great Hall on April 9 for the President's Lecture;

• created a fitness center at Wingate Hall;

• provided academic advisement for honors students and helped them pay for graduate school application fees;

• financed "Einsteins in the City 2: Research and Society," an international multi-disciplinary student research conference, founded in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Einstein Papers. More than 130 students representing 22 institutions in five states, Puerto Rico and Austria exhibited and competed for awards in the conference's two juried poster sessions. They presented their research findings in six disciplines: science and mathematics; engineering and computer science; social science; education; architecture, and humanities and the arts.

This important fund provides the president with the ability to seize opportunities and meet challenges as they arise.

As a tribute to alma mater, alumni often contribute to the President's Fund for Excellence on the occasion of a milestone anniversary.