Class of 1947...

Students and faculty mourn the passing of Professors Ostralenk and Mosher. Rabbi Cahn holds a convocation to comfort many after the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. A War Bond Rally is held. Mollie of the Co-Op Store sends soldiers freshly-baked cookies, as blood donor drives are carried out by the War Activities Committee. Students spend as much time writing to the troops as they do with their homework. The Veteran's Club is formed during the war. It soon becomes the fastest growing organization on campus.

In 1943, the Chi Delta Rho fraternity halts activities since each of its members are called to serve in the war. However, fraternity brothers go the extra mile to keep in touch, taking 2,000 mile bomber trips and truck rides to meet each other all over Europe. Two Chi Delta Rho members, Jerry Harris and Ed Stone, unfortunately lose their lives in the war. The Lambda Sigma Phi sorority does lots of sewing and knitting for the Red Cross during the war, as part of its Social Service Program. The Phi Alpha Sigma sorority sells war stamps and bonds, hosts Friday afternoon parties, and holds a raffle for Red Cross Recreation Kits. Male students are welcomed back to the College from the war with a Spring Formal. Students and alumni alike endeavor to build a $1,500,000 war memorial building, through the Centennial fund campaign. The Churchill Lounge becomes the headquarters of the Centennial Fund Committee.

A dinner is held to commemorate the College's Centennial Anniversary. Alumni Bernard Baruch and Justice Frankfurter praise City College as, "...the only opportunity for higher education available to [us] and to so many others." New York City Mayor William O' Dwyer deems April 17th–24th "City College Centennial Week." The College is thrilled when a song called, "I Wanna Go To City College" is performed in the Broadway show, "Toplitzsky of Notre Dame."

During the Charter Day celebration in Great Hall, delegates from the University of Salamanca, the University of Krakow, and Saint Andrews help CCNY President Wright and New York City Mayor William O' Dwyer ring in the College's 100th anniversary. Honorary degrees are also handed out for the first time since 1893. Among the recipients are engineer David B. Steinman and Justice Felix Frankfurter.

With the help of Dean Wright, "Hell Week" is introduced. As a result, new pledgees and rushes are inducted through interesting tactics. The B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation at the College becomes popular and eventful after its February 1944 inception. The club, which is open to all CCNY students, hosts classes on Jewish History and the Bible, Yiddish, and Hebrew. Hillel social events include the United Jewish Appeal Carnival, Melaveh Malkah parties, the Passover Seder, and the Chanukah and Succoth parties.

The Newman Club plans and operates the World Student Service Fund Drive, and sponsors a dance for the benefit of Polish Relief. The club newspaper, "The Newmanite", is published once a month. In 1946, the Interclub Board is established. The board, or IBC, is an official Student Council sub-committee. It's purpose is to act as a coordinating cell between the College's many societies and organizations. The Alpha Mu Sigma fraternity is resurrected in 1944 after being founded in the 1920s and disappearing shortly afterwards. During January 1947, seventeen members are inaugurated into the official establishment of the William H. John Chapter of Alpha Delta Sigma, the College's advertising society.

House Plan headquarters moves to 25 East 22nd Street. The House Plan Carnival features poker rolls, turtle races, roulette wheels, and a penny arcade. During the celebration, Diane Cheryl is crowned Miss Charter Day. The uptown campus presents The Senior Class Night Show, "Another Part of the Campus." The show's opening number is called, "Life Begins in City College." The Theatron's presentation of "The Corn is Green" is successful.

Arthur Horowitz and Zeena Sugarman, both of the downtown campus, are voted Most Likely to Succeed. Also of the downtown campus, Norma Fisher and Judy Feld are named Most Popular. The Junior Prom is held at the Biltmore Hotel in December. For students on the uptown campus, the Senior Prom is held at the Florentine Room of the Hotel Park Central on February 8, 1947, despite a raging blizzard.

The football team's three year losing streak is broken when the College beats Wagner. The track and cross team places second in the Metropolitan Intercollegiate Mile Relay. Team star Warren Bright wins the Metropolitan Intercollegiate Meet. The swim team achieves second place in the Metropolitan Intercollegiate Championships. The track and field team also enjoys a winning season.

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