Class of 1957...

The class of 1957 witnesses the College's transition as it expanded beyond the area it had occupied for half a century. The Manhattanville campus opens in the fall of '55. On October 8, 1953 - City College's Downtown Center was officially named The Bernard M Baruch School of Business and Public Administration. The Bernard M Baruch Distinguished Lecturer Series begins in the spring of 1953 when Bernard Baruch, Class of '89, delivers a three part talk on "A Philosophy for Our Time". The class of 1957 is the first 'business class' to graduate from The Baruch School of the City College.

Jonas E. Salk, City College Class of '34, makes headlines in the medical community in 1955 for developing the Salk vaccine, which represented man's quest over 'crippling infantile paralysis'. History major Herb Stempel wins $49,500 on television's "Twenty One" after being the program's champ for 2 months. The junior and senior class proms are memorable, taking place at the Statler Hotel and Hotel Roosevelt, respectively. The Inter-Club Board is organized to represent the many clubs, societies and fraternities at the Baruch School, including Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Delta Sigma, Sigma Alpha, Gamma Alpha Chi, Phi Lambda Delta, Pi Alpha Tau, Beta Delta Mu, Phi Alpha, Sigma Beta Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, and Phi Epsilon Pi. In the spring of 1954, Lamport House celebrated its tenth anniversary with the dedication of a House Plan emblem consisting of a rope, a sword, a wheel, the CCNY seal and the letters "L" and "H".

The ugliest couple on campus are picked and become known as the "Gruesome Twosome". The April Fool's issue of Campus reports that the College's seventh president, Dr. Gallagher lost a $ 200, 000 endowment check in a crap game with Harvard President Nathan Pusey. Subsequently, staffers of "The Campus" and 5 managing board members are suspended. A dispute between "The Campus" and "The Observation Post" becames a major issue of the Student Council Elections.

The Basketeers have 2 winning seasons. CCNY wins the MET CROWN for 4 consecutive seasons in soccer. The Beavers certainly feel at home in the water! The Lavender's aquamen win 2 Metropolitan Conference Championships within 4 years at the College. Jerome Domershick, who served as team captain for three consecutive seasons ends his collegiate career in a blaze of glory, leading the Beavers to a smashing win over Brooklyn College. Wrestling has its best season in 10 years. One of the team's most dramatic moments occurs when Norman Balot, who is blind, gets a thunderous ovation at the close of the season for his courage and spirit.

Thank you to Dr. Ralph Schefflan'57 for his message of September 2, 2011:
" Past Reunion Writeup has it all wrong re basketball. We had a winning season and were invited to the NCAA College Division Tournament. Jerry Domerschick was not on this team. The co-captains were Bill Lewis and Syd Levy."

We stand corrected!

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