Class of 1958...

College means different things for different people, but despite our differences we all seek to find our hidden talents by means of a good education. That's how the City College of New York and Class of 1958 found each other.

The College announced plans for a three million-dollar library to be built on the North corner of the uncompleted South Campus. The grand opening was eagerly anticipated by CCNY students. The new library, dedicated to the late philosopher Morris Raphael Cohen, would include the college's 45,000 volumes, reading accommodation for 1,500 and a smoky lounge.

The college basketball team finished its season with an 11-8 record, their best in six years and accepted an NCAA touring bid, but lost to Mount St. Mary 93-84. With no doubt, the class of 1958 envisioned one of the greatest triumphs presented by the City College track team. It was 1955, the "big year" for the college track and field team, who went undefeated and added the Collegiate Track Conference Championship to their laurels. This undoubtedly made Coach Harold Anson Bruce proud as he prepare to retire at the mandatory age of seventy. Unfortunately, Coach Bruce passed away in the spring of 1958.

April Fool's Day was anything but humorous for CCNY President Dr. Buell Gallagher when The Campus published an article that he lost a $200,000 endowment in a game with Harvard's President Pusey. Dean Brophy of CCNY judged the issue "indecent" and suspended the managing board and the publication. After a hearing, the Campus resumed publication under a new managing board.

The semester closed with the election of CCNY's first female Student Government President. Gloria Kingsley, an attractive blond, won by an sweeping majority. Mrs. Gallagher, wife of CCNY president Dr. Gallagher, officially inaugurated the student center's social facility by throwing open the doors of the Grand Ballroom to the first South Campus Friday Night Dance. The Campus called the overflowing crowd "the dream of years converted into happy reality".

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