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Site on South Campus Is Proposed

                        Fall of 65’ opened with plans to build a five million dollar School of Education Building on South Campus. The plan met approval from the Board of Education in September and was designed with the addition of audiovisual facilities, lounges, industrial arts laboratories, as well as "classrooms geared particularly to teaching certain method courses," such as those in the sciences.

In addition to a new School of Education building, City College’s School of Architecture won accreditation from the State Department. Formerly the object of bitter student protest, the School of Architecture accreditation status was rectified in May of 67’ just as its first class would graduate, in accordance with the rules of the national and state accreditation boards.
               Entertaining the idea of new languages, City College introduced the inter-university language program. Headed by Prof. Ivo Duchacek, the program allowed students to enroll for courses in “neglected” non-European languages such as Swahili, Hausa, and Chinese.

In matters pertaining to the English language the author and alumnus, Henry Roth ‘28 delivered a speech in early October 1966 to the crowd gathered for the bestowal of his Townshend Harris medal at an Alumni Association luncheon. Prior to being given the award by Dr. Gallagher, he made known his plans to pen his second novel after 30 years without writing.
                Student Government Educational Affairs Vice President Herman Berliner ’66 announced the reinstitution of the Student-Faculty Committee for School of Engineering and Architecture. Established 1955, the oldest faculty committee at the College had not been active for few terms.

Students formed their very own “Anti-Draft” union in an attempt to disseminate information on how to legally avoid conscription. The War Resistors League advocated “open confrontation and resistance to the draft” as opposed to feigning physical and mental disabilities. Additionally, students and faculty alike came together to address the pressing issue of air pollution with Chemistry Professor Amos Turk. Professor Turk spearheaded the fight against air pollution with research sponsored by the National Institute of Health Research, as well as through his position as Chairman of the National Committee on the Sensory Evaluation of Materials and Products.

                The author of the best-selling novel “Call It Sleep” – Henry Roth visited City College on November 16, 1965. He gave a speech at the Alumni Association Luncheon and after conducting a question and answer period Mr. Roth was presented the Townsend Harris Medal by President Gallagher for his “distinguished achievements in his chosen field.”

In the first meet of the season at Van Cortlandt Park, the Beavers won over Adelphi University – 15-49. The Beavers took the first five places and six out of the seven spots, in the five mile race. Jim O’Connell paced the Beavers to their win over Adelphi with his easy win. Coach Francisco Castro was pleased with his team’s showing.


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