Class of 1967...

The College's Master Plan is announced. The plan calls for the replacement of Lewisohn Stadium with a building for the humanities, and a Science and Physical Education building to replace Jasper Oval. The construction of a parking lot is delayed when hundreds of students block machines with their own bodies. They use cartons, wire baskets, and cafeteria trays to remove piles of rough stones from the lawn of nearby Mott Hall.

A referendum is held by students and faculty about the war draft. President Gallagher later decides that the referendum is not binding. The Board of Education orders the release of class standings of male students, which would in turn decide which university students would be drafted into the war.

More than 6,000 students and faculty protest band together to protest the proposal of tuition at City College, which threatened to end its run as a free institution. Students are surprised and outraged by hikes in registration fees and an increase in enrollment, ordained by the Board of Education. Students and faculty alike complain about the Administration making such important decisions without consulting representatives of the student body. Students stage a sit-in at the Administration building to protest the increasing number of decisions being made without them.

Mirroring The New York Times, the Campus halts printing after a disagreement with its printing service. The city suffers as a public transportation strike occurs, as well as a power blackout for the entire east coast. A blizzard later causes the school to shut down for two days.

Psychology Professor Kenneth B. Clarke becomes the highest ranking Black educator in the state when he is promoted to the New York State Board of Regents. Author Upton Sinclair celebrates his 85th birthday on the College campus, as a guest of House Plan. The College's Psychedelic Underground Film Festival is a huge success.

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