Class of 1968...

The year began with President Gallagher informing students of his fifty million dollar plan to demolish and replace existing buildings on campus. The new facelift for the campus would enable the enrollment of 4,000 more students.

The plans would change CCNY forever. Three new buildings would replace Klapper Hall, Lewisohn Stadium, and Jasper Oval. The reconstruction was symbolic to breaking old grounds and setting new ones, but many students and faculty did not see it that way. They all wanted to know, "Who would fund the CCNY make-over?"

Many students rejected the plan as it began to spring into action. Class members protested in front of "site six", where they had begun to build temporary huts for classes to take place. Some students physically blocked the construction by staging a stand-in. In the end, forty-nine students were suspended by President Gallagher; he later reconsidered and the charges were dropped.

That same year, CCNY was selected to serve as an examination center for the draft process. Student protest continued, this time over the presence of "on-campus recruiters".

During the largest rally, 6,000 students and faculty aggregated to support the campaign for free tuition throughout the country.

The year wasn't all rallies and protests, however. CCNY students know how to have fun! Members of the Class of 1968 participated in the Caduceus Society, Debating Society, Eta Kappa Nu, Gamma Sigma Sigma, House Plan, Hockey Club, Modern Dance Club, Lock and Key, and the Musical Comedy Society, just to name a few. The Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity was voted the number one fraternity scholastically, as well as the most diverse. Also, who could forget their Friday night stags, and Saturday theme parties? Not only could the Class of 1968 party, but the class was also socially aware, as they demonstrated by giving back to the community.

This was especially true of the Gamma Sigma Sigma service sorority, among others. These women were responsible for staffing student government elections, ran the used book exchange, and helped set up many social events and gatherings. They also performed greater tasks outside of CCNY as well such as staffing blood banks and reading to the visually impaired. Alpha Epsilon Phi members adopted a foster child from Columbia, South America. Their great service and dedication to hospitals in New York city are truly traits to be revered.

Although the class of 1968 left in the midst of much confusion and renovation, those years of struggle and triumph only reinforce the fact that you've certainly earned your right to wear your Lavender!

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