Class of 1976...

Fall of 76’ welcomed the student body amidst a proposal from the Board of Higher Education (BHE) to cut 76aan additional 56 million in funding from City University. This upsetting proposal called for a large reduction in operating staff at the City College of New York, even going so far as to set forth a “four-week payless furlough for faculty, administration, and support staff”. The proposal was heavily denounced by
students and faculty alike with approximately 3,000 students and staff protesting outside of the open hearing at the Board of Higher Education’s office. Despite the solidarity shown between students and staff the BHE pushed the cuts through. Even with a reduction in funding, the College was able to offer a
variety of interesting courses to students such as a course on rare renaissance art. In partnership with the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Lehman Collection, City College students in the renaissance art course were able to study pieces of art which were never before available. In addition to in depth study of the classical arts, the College also sponsored a series of five symposia on television.

The symposia entitled, “The Humanistic Responsibilities and Opportunities of
Television” was an effort to further develop television criticism and elevate it to the same level as literary criticism and other long-established forms of art criticism. The College also welcomed the Board of Regents’ approval of the College’s Center of Biomedical Education despite some stipulations. This Center offered students a more direct path towards Medical School under the condition that they spend two years working in a New York City Hospital upon earning their Medical Degree.

76cEntertainment throughout the year included such events as the Thanksgiving Disco Dance and performances by the CCNY Jazz Ensemble. The majority of these events were presented and organized by the Finley Program Agency, a large group that at one point had at least eight committees and 100
members. Advertisements for these events ran simultaneously with ads for events such as the Tau Epsilon Phi dinner and dance on October 3rd, which served food and wine before a Disco.

The 1975-76 school year was an important one for sports namely basketball, with the
City University basketball conference being created. This conference pitted the nine senior colleges, 76dBaruch, Brooklyn, City, Hunter, Lehman, Medgar Evers, Queens, John Jay, and York against each other for the conference championship. The Beavers proved their prowess at the CUNY finals where they beat York College 61-57 nailing down an invitation by the NCAA. City College’s Keith Bailey broke the school record for the 100 yard dash coming in at 9.5 seconds only half a second away from the world record. Bailey was also instrumental in the Beaver’s victory at CUNY track championships. The hall of fame inducted
Jane Katz a founding member of the women’s synchronized swimming club and a competitor in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.


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