Class of 1983...

Fondest CCNY Memories Shared by the Class of 1983:

Mrs. Antoinette Ann Alexander especially remembers "the transformation of the buildings. New buildings everywhere, replacing the old worn-out ones-that is beautiful."

Dr. Rene J. Alvarez Jr. relished "the opportunity to go to a great university for free. I loved The Campus and the people, [especially] the dedication of the staff."

Mr. Luis Manuel Carrasquillo hold closest to his heart his "graduation day at The Field and [his] teachers at the sociology department.

For Mrs. Shirley Joyce Farquharson, the speech 1984 Democratic presidential nominee, Walter Mondale, gave on graduation day still rings clear. Too bad Mondale lost in a landslide to Reagan.

"Good friends and fellowship" define the CCNY memory for Mr. Carl F. Gilkes.

Mr. Richard A. Greenberg remembers the outrageous feats he accomplished to attain his architecture degree. In particular, he recalls "staying up three consecutive nights (without drugs) to complete [his] thesis project, then presenting the next day." Now that's CCNY stamina!

Great friends and great teachers were what CCNY was about for Mr. Shawn Timothy Kelley. "I remember saying 'hello' to many friends as I walked from one class to another. I remember great teachers such as Bob Nordin, John Lewis, and Ron Carter."

Mrs. Marilyn Joan McKay recounts an experience that truly encompasses the CCNY spirit: "During one semester while taking a class in organic chemistry, our professor offered to tutor classes on weekends to those who wanted to attend. The whole class came. We studied and worked hard. One weekend, he brought peanut butter and jelly sandwiches his wife made for us. We enjoyed the course [thoroughly]. I felt relaxed taking exams. Everyone passed."

The cafeteria in Shepard Hall was the place to be for Mrs. Pui Yi Lau Wong. She shares: "One of my fondest memories was always running into someone at the cafeteria in Shepard Hall. There was always a group of us hanging around in the cafeteria eating lunch, working on assignments together, or just shooting breeze. There was always someone around.

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