Class of 1988...

The Class of 1988 experienced many new changes at City College and around the world.

In September 1986, the College introduced a computerized registration system putting an end to long lines in The Great Hall and Nat Holman Gymnasium. Shuttle service from North to South campus was expanded. A weather network was established on campus.

Places like the Collegiate Diner, affectionately referred to as "the Greek" and Zino's Pizza were popular lunch spots for the Class '88. The cafeteria, which was extremely unpopular increased its prices but made no improvements in the quality of food.

The Class of 1988 spoke out on the important issues of their time. They organized protest against the apartheid in South Africa, demanding CUNY and SUNY institutions withdraw investments from companies doing business in South Africa. They succeeded in achieving this goal.

Members of the Class '88 also protested American foreign policy in Central America. A standing room of 150 students and faculty gathered at the College to hear world renowned MIT linguist and historian, Noam Chomsky express his views on the subject of the U.S. campaign policy in Central America, particularly El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Closer to home, CCNY students were concerned about President Ronald Reagan's proposed cuts to the Student Loan Program and racism on campus. Public hearings were held at CCNY by the City University Student Senate to address student complaints against faculty racism.

The Class of 1988 also participated in many social activities on campus. Student performed a Brecht play and many other theatre productions in Aaron Davis Hall. There was the annual Spring Poetry Festival and many concerts, lectures and student organized events.

In sports, CCNY had a number of successes. In 1986, the City volleyball and soccer teams took the CUNY championship. The women's track team also had a strong season, finishing second in the CUNY conference and setting several CCNY records. The men's fencing team took second place in the CUNY Conference Championship. The women's basketball won the 1986 CUNY Tournament and Hudson Valley Tournament in ECAC Tournament. Three players on the CCNY women's basketball team averaged in the double digits: Monique Rye (17.7), Tonya Palmer (10.5) and Narice West (10.5). Fellow teammate, Robbin Coles finished just under the ten point mark with an average of 9.2 points per game.

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