Class of 1989...

The Class of 1989 experienced many new changes at City College and around the world.

At the time, CCNY's enrollment was increasing very rapidly. The college's enrollment passed the 13,000 mark for the first time in five years and almost reached 14,000 students. This was an increase of almost 6% from the previous year. The departments that saw a surge in student enrollment were the departments of Civil Engineering, Architecture as well as SEEK.

One of the reasons for the increase in enrollment was that CUNY also did a very good thing for foreign students. In1989, CUNY redefined residency status for a select group of foreign students who can prove that they have lived in New York State for at least one year, are eligible to pay the New York State tuition of only $625 per semester as opposed to the out of state tuition of $2025 per semester.

Along with enrollment, Tuition was also increasing. There were many proposed tuition hikes and the students were completely against that. The Class of 1989 spoke out on this issue in many ways. They organized rallies on campus as well as in Albany. On Monday morning, students decided to seize the Administration building and sealed the locks on Shepard Hall and the NAC building in opposition to the $200 tuition increase proposed in response to the budget cuts. Students made banners and posters with many slogans such as "Education is a Right."

During 1989, Computers were slowly starting to enter the world and CCNY wanted to be up-to-date with technology. CCNY had its share of computers on campus so that students and go and use them and understand how computers have changed the way humans organize their skills and perform various tasks. CCNY wanted to every student to have the opportunity to use and learn the basics about a Personal Computer.

In sports, CCNY had a number of successes. In 1989, Six Soccer Players were named CUNY All-Stars. Along with the Soccer team, the Women's basketball team also captured the CUNY title. Along with all of this, the City College basketball coaching legend and 1968 CCNY Athletic hall of fame inductee Nat Holman was honored as the CCNY Coach of the Century. A very special thing that happened to CCNY in 1989 is that Ice hockey was introduced as a club on campus after a very long time.

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