Class of 1990...

The Class of 1990 experienced many cultural events.

City College's 18th Annual Spring Poetry Festival was held in the NAC Ballroom. The poet, playwright, and novelist, Amiri Barack, was invited as guest of honor. At the end of the ceremony, Barack presented awards to the winners of the high school poetry contest. Oscar Hijuelos, a City College graduate, won the Pulitzer Prize in fiction. He is the first Hispanic American winner of the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. His awarded novel was later on made into a movie, The Mambo Kings.

The Faculty Jazz Ensemble opened the Music Department Fall concert series in September with an outstanding performance.

In the sports domain, the Beavers faced a challenging 25 games throughout the year. Although they had experienced some downfalls early in the season they managed to win the tough games against Baruch and Staten Island teams.

The National Youths Sports program had operated at The City College during the summer of 1990. The college provided neighborhood youngsters with a positive environment to acquire skills in many sports.

The Class of 1990 encountered difficult times as the college tuition was raised by 8 %.In addition to the tuition hike the students had to deal with budget cuts such as increased class sizes, less funds for the Cohen Library, and a reduced temporary service.

Despite the difficulties faced during the year of 1990, the students of City College experienced some campus improvements. Educational programs were established at City College, on drug and alcohol abuse. The purpose of the program was to reduce the demand for drugs through self-help education.

City College had been allocated with $ 500,000 for the purchase of computers to be used by the entire college community. In addition, the social science and humanities computer labs became a faculty department center.

1990 was the year when Nelson Mandela was greeted in Harlem by an enthusiastic crowd of nearly 100,000 people. A ceremony was held at The City College where City College President, Bernard Harleston presented the CCNY President's Medal to Nelson Mandela.

Revolutionary breakthroughs took place throughout the world in 1990. One of them, the launch of Hubble Space Telescope, had a major significance in astronomy and astrophysics, allowing a deep view into space and time.

The Class of 1990 witnessed the invasion of Kuwait which led to the USA involvement in the Gulf War. As a repercussion, the students of City College were facing the possibility of being recruited for the war.

In June 1990 President George Bush and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev signed United States/Soviet Union agreements to eliminate chemical weapon production.

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