Class of 1991...

The students of the 1991 academic year saw many challenges ahead. With a CUNY wide tuition increase and George W. Bush's proposal to cut Pell grants, many students were left wondering how they would afford a looming $500 increase in tuition. But the year was not all doom and gloom. The college housed several Gospel and Jazz festivals. Participating Students ranged from such countries as Japan, Mexico, Italy, Holland and the Philippines. City, a longtime supporter of the arts, understood that stage experience is important to the growth of a performer. The College offered raw talent the experience needed to succeed in the professional world.

In science, CCNY's Minority Biomedical Research Support Program was awarded $1,209,500 by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS). The grant supported 50 academically outstanding undergraduate and graduate students conducting biomedical research in biochemistry, biology, chemistry and physics.

Always on the forefront of technology, The City College of New York was among the first to host a conference featurning Stuart Shulman, a City College alumnus and director of Information Networking Services at Bell Communications Research. Shulman gave a talk entitled, "New England Telephone: The Next Generation," which explained the future of telephone services and communications. The lecture focused on the future uses of landline and cellular phones. It was foreseen that advanced telephone services could be used to make bank deposits instead of using computers, much like many banks offer today with cell phones. That same year, Shulman declared that call waiting and caller Identification (ID) would be introduced to consumers.

Furthermore, the class of 1991 saw one of its own, Astronaut Mario Runco, fly in space. Lieutenant Commander Runco, a 1974 graduate, served as a mission specialist on the crew of the Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS-44). Before liftoff, Lt. Cdr. Runco was an honoree at a luncheon hosted by the then president, Dr. Bernard W. Harleston, where he was awarded with City's Townsend Harris Medal and other memorabilia to carry aboard the Space Shuttle.

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