Class of 1992...

The class of 1992 had a chance to experience first of many actions at City College. Many opportunities were raised and the students at City College were allowed to reap the benefits from them whether they were engineers or a member of the school sports team. City College was given a 1.3 Million dollar grant by the National Science foundation to establish the center for minorities in information processing systems. The center accommodates academic and financial support for highly qualified minority undergraduates majoring in engineering and computer sciences.

A $ 150,000 grant was donated to the General Electric foundation at CCNY. The funds were attributed for a new program called Transfer Retention at City College in engineering(TRACC/Engineering) designed to increase the retention and success of minority students who transfer to the school of engineering from community colleges.

The Men's varsity volleyball team played their first home game on February 10, 1992 in Nat Holman Gym and won even with tragic events that happened over winter break, which had no effect on the performance of the team on the court.

February 13 1992, the institution of Electronic engineers (IEEE) student branch, sponsored the first lecture of their summer seminar series .The guest speaker was Stewart Schulman, director of information networking services, at Bell Communications research(Bellcore) and is also a 1972 graduate of CCNY in Computer science.

In celebration of women's history month, a seventh annual Citywomen in Print Exhibition was held on March 4 1992. The exhibition displayed published work by women from CCNY's faculty and staff.

Drawing and watercolors portraying impressions of New York and experiences were displayed at the city college art gallery in Compton-Goethals hall from March 4 to March 28. The production were conceived by Lewis Mumford, a well acknowledge artist who attended City College in the year 1912.

The class of 1992 had the experience in honoring Astronaut Mario Runco Jr. who is also a graduate of City College 1974 class. He served as mission specialist on board the space shuttle Atlantis. We were rewarded by hearing about his experience and encounters on his flight.

CCNY's Black alumni association presented its 6th annual award in May. This scholarship is available to Juniors who are full time and need financial help.

In October 1992, the department of Earth and Atmospheric science received a three year reward from the Office of Naval research (department of defense) designated for "Research Opportunities in the Marine and Atmospheric sciences" (ROMAS). This idea was initiated by Dr. Alan Weinstein a CCNY graduate who studied meteorology. The commitment was to increase student awareness in the undergraduate level. ROMAS features, field experience and ship-board training in oceanography and meteorology, summer internships at the Office of Naval Research funded laboratories and research opportunities in environmental problems and concerns.

From Tragedies to excellence Class of 92 has shown achievements in every aspect. With the help of others and a positive attitude this class made it extremely far.

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