Class of 1996...

1996 was a year of many technology-related developments at City College. NASA granted an initial $400,000 that could be expanded to $2.4 million to CCNY to establish Internet networks across minority colleges and secondary schools. The Economics Department was awarded $40,000 to establish a state-of-the art computer facility for students and faculty; funding came in the form of grants from the National Science Foundation, the CCNY Alumni Association, and the Pritzker Endowment. The University Transportation Research Center received a $1 million grant to advance technical knowledge and expertise in fields that involve transportation. Also, the History Department introduced CD-Roms to classrooms to supplement existing course materials. MAC 1600 computers, released by Apple, were donated by CUNY, for Internet database access.

CCNY also excelled at athletics. The Women's Varsity Cross Country team closed out the season with zero losses, ultimately resulting in an undefeated season. The gymnastics team ranked third-place on the College Gymnastics Association's National Academic Gymnastics Team list, with an overall team GPA of 3.244. Men's Cross Country, which consisted of 98% new members, came in third place.

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