Class of 1997...

From politics to economic issues to celebrations, the class of 1997 played a colossal role in a special era at City College. The College celebrated the year 1997 as their 150th Anniversary, which was filled with an eventful year on the campus and many reasons to be a proud student. As a part of the commemoration, they were elated to celebrate the eight alumni who had won the Nobel Prize and their accomplishment of being ranked in the 97th percentile nationally in the number of graduates who went on to earn doctorates in all fields according to the National Science Foundation. Also, in the fields of English, Psychology and Foreign Languages, City College ranked in the 99th percentile in the number of students who went on to earn PhD's; this placed CCNY ahead of Cornell, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, NYU and Duke.

City College also ranked 1st in New York State and 8th nationally in graduating Black/Hispanic engineers, and was a leader in the number of minority students admitted to medical schools. As a result, City College had one of the biggest contingents of minority students working towards the PhD in the sciences anywhere. .

Students and faculty during this time also displayed their commitment to education and the school as they anxiously faced the challenge of alleviating economic injustice by trying to lower graduation requirements to ensure the graduation of students on financial assistance. Also, they united on campus to fight against the government proposed budget cut to the CUNY system, where they staged a Day of Outrage in the NAC Plaza on April 3rd. Students and members of the faculty joined together to express their views through poetry, speech and music. They also campaigned and protested in an effort to educate the campus on past budget fights. .

Students excelled none the less in classrooms and the on soccer field and basketball court. Many CCNY teams ended the year successfully but unfortunately, the baseball team, which had placed fourth in the nation in the NCAA Division III just a few years before, had to be cancelled for the year due to budget cuts. .

On Dec. 10, 1997, The Campus, the College's main newspaper, and CUNY's oldest newspaper, celebrated its 90th Anniversary. It could be noted that, in 1997, The City College of New York was a microcosm of New York City's population, with one of the most diverse student bodies any college or university in America had experienced. .

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