Class of 1999...

During their time at CCNY, the class of 1999 experienced many first hand events. In 1999, a $2 million donation was made to The City College of New York in order to establish a philosophy endowment in the name of Professor Irani. The money received will allow CCNY to bring a leading philosophical figure to the campus annually which will greatly enrich the offerings of philosophy department and enhance the quality of the education received by the students.

In 1999, CCNY also saw a change in the college administration. President Stanford A. Roman took over the leadership of the college in a time that was very crucial for the administration. His top goal was to re-invest in the City College of New York. He wanted to improve the public's image of the school because he felt that city college students were not getting enough recognition for their work regardless of being talented. He improved these conditions by making sure the students were getting guidance and support by faculty and staff as well as by fellow students through clubs and other student organizations. He made efforts of making registration easier for the students, increased class-room space and hiring more full time professors as opposed to adjunct teaching staff so that that they were able to give more time to the students.

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