Class of 2002...

Dr. Gregory H. Williams took office as the 11th President of the City College of New York. His arrival signaled the beginning of new era at the College.

The College increased its enrollment, created a new website, and developed a ten year strategic plan focused on promoting research, scholarship and creativity. New programs were also introduced. The CUNY Dominican Studies Institute was created and CCNY established a degree-granting program in the emerging field of Dominican Studies.

In 2002, the City College President's Medal for distinguished achievement and public service was awarded to the men and women of New York City's uniformed services for their heroic service on and after September 11, 2001.

The tragic events of September 11, 2001 shocked and horrified the entire nation. The terrorist attacks, which brought down the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, also devastated much of the Borough of Manhattan Community College's (BMCC) campus. Coming to the aid of BMCC, City College offered to accommodate a number of BMCC classes. For more than a year, CCNY served as a temporary home for BMCC students.

The City College campus was also stirred by various other local and national events. Students debated the questions surrounding the launch of the war against Iraq. Some joined the many anti-war rallies organized in New York City and Washington DC. The recent subway fair hikes were also a source and discontent for students.

In the midst of these larger events, life on campus continued to prevail. Students did their best to balance their rigorous course work with extra-curricular interests. There was the CCNY Jazz Festival, the Poetry Festival, the second annual student film festival, Cityvisions, and many other events. Students formed a new hiking club. Journalists Walter Cronkite and David Gonzalez, of The New York Times, and many other renowned experts in various fields spoke at the College.

The 2002 Microcosm refers to the special experience that the Class of 2002 shared as "hill life." "Hill life" encapsulates the everyday events that occur at City College, "the city on the hill." It is a means of capturing the daily academic grind and the cultural and social experience of City College. As many 2002 graduates acknowledged in Microcosm, "hill life" was both challenging and immensely rewarding.

Many of these class notes are excerpted from the 2002 Microcosm, Creative Director/Editor-in-Chief C. N. Ible and 2002 issues of The Campus, Editor-in-Chief Marlene Peralta.

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