"When I was asked to serve on the 40th anniversary reunion committee for my class, I was hesitant. In the years since graduation, I had quite deliberately lost touch with CCNY. I, like many other ROTC graduates, was upset, hurt, resentful of our treatment in the waning years of the Vietnam War and displeased by the decision to do away with the program. But I joined the committee albeit with an ulterior motive - a dear friend and classmate had been killed in Vietnam

and I felt I could get a few of our classmates to honor Bill's memory with a scholarship; I was doing it for Bill rather than CCNY.

The project mushroomed. In addition to the scholarship, we started an affiliate group under the Alumni Association and that Memorial Day we placed a plaque in the North Academic Center honoring the ROTC grads killed in Vietnam. The group has grown; the ROTC alumni are back and now ROTC is back. But most important, I'm back and trying to repay the College for what it gave me." -Allen Rothman

Allen Rothman '68 (L) and Michael Appell 60 are members of the CCNY ROTC Alumni (Michael attended ROTC studies with Colin Powell). They have been instrumental in bringing the ROTC back to the College.

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