In 2001, alumnus Larry Gralla returned to the campus to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his graduation. He was in a unique position to make a sizeable impact at his alma mater; he had recently profited from the sale of his publishing business and retired from his position as a consultant. So when he came to The City College Fund to find out how he could give back, he was thinking big. The brainstorm that he had that year has grown into a movement that has since benefitted hundreds of students, inspired alumni, and put City College back on the radar of many of New York's best public school students.

For decades there had been a steady pipeline to CCNY from the top specialized high schools. When Larry came to the College from Stuyvesant High School in 1947, about 120 of his classmates, close to 20 percent of the class, came with him. By 2001, that number had dropped to between 0 and 2%. He wanted to change that.

Not only did he want to bring more of these talented students back to City College, but he believed that we could galvanize other alumni to support the mission. With the enthusiastic blessing of the College and the principal of Stuyvesant, he launched the Stuyvesant-CCNY Scholarship Project to award high achieving students with free tuition and generous stipends they can use for books, travel or bare necessities. Many of these students are accepted into the highly competitive Honors programs and Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education. They come with impressive high school records- high GPAs and SAT scores between 1480 and 1600, the highest score achievable.

The timing of the Project has been auspicious as a new era of tougher admission standards has helped to raise the College's profile. The first class of six students and the hundreds that have followed have paved the way for hundreds more. The program has expanded to Bronx Science and Brooklyn Tech, and to eleven more outstanding public high schools through a program called The New Era Scholarship.

stuyStuyvesant-CCNY Scholar Wanli (Justin) Ma, 2007

When Justin Ma was applying to colleges in 2003, CCNY was the only school offering him an undergraduate major in Biomedical Engineering. It was this highly interdisciplinary program that attracted him, offering him the opportunity to
explore the biomedical and physiological fields while solving and analyzing highly technical and complex problems in the fields of traditional engineering.

Justin says that CCNY has had an enormous impact on his life.Grateful for the personal, financial and academic support he received as an Honors Scholar, he became an enthusiastic recruiter for the College, speaking to groups of potential students about the benefits of a City College education and opportunities such as the Stuyvesant-CCNY Scholarship.

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